Our true identity is in Christ. Everything we are and need is found in Christ. Colossians 2:10 (NKJV) says, And you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power. Complete means lacking nothing; whole; entire; finished. Incomplete means dissatisfied; empty; unsure; insecure.

There are many Christians who are dissatisfied and discontent because they have not found out who they are in Christ. They feel incomplete. On the other hand, Christians who know who they are in Christ are satisfied, content, secure, and whole. They are secure knowing who they are in Christ. They feel complete. They know their ‘True Identity’ in Christ.

A person without Christ is always searching for something.  They try to fill the void and emptiness with other things, but other things just won’t satisfy like being in Christ.

You may feel incomplete because you are not married. You may be married, but you don’t have children. You may feel incomplete because you don’t have a college degree or you have not climbed the corporate ladder. You may feel like you don’t have the right social status.

“To the degree that we embrace the truth that our identity is not rooted in our success, power, or popularity, but in God’s infinite love, to that degree can we let go of our need to judge.” __ Henri J. M. Nouwen

Because you are in Christ, you belong to Him. He loves you. We are all equal in Christ. We don’t have to compare ourselves to each other, compete with each other, or be jealous of one another. We don’t have to be pretentious with one another or be a phony. If you know who you are in Christ, your ‘True Identity,’ you can be real with people and when you are real with people, you can get into a genuine-true-authentic relationship with them.

“Find your identity in the promises of God. Yes, you are not what people think you are, but who God says you are.”   __ Unknown

Your worth and value is not in what you do or who you know, but in who you are in Christ. Your worth and value is not in how many degrees you have, but who you are in Christ. Because you have been purchased with the blood of Jesus, you have worth and value. You have been bought with a price. Stop agreeing with the devil, get into the Word of God, and find out who you are in Christ.

Then start agreeing with the Word. Start agreeing with what God says about you and you will find out that you are complete in Him.

Renew your mind with the Word of God so that you will know your 'True Identity.’  Begin to speak God’s Word and declare who you are in Christ!

“You are who the Word of God says you are. You can have what the Word of God says you can have. And you can do what the Word of God says you can do!”

Live your life “In Christ,” becoming so aware of His love for you and your ‘New’ and ‘True Identity in Him that you will see yourself through His eyes and reflect His glory to others.

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