Yearly Archives: 2016

Small Beginnings

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin …” __ Zechariah 4:10 (NLT) The word despise means dislike, hate, look down on, or undervalue ( When we despise something, we are regarding it lightly. Do not despise the day of small beginnings!  Don’t despise small things. You maybe…
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The Company You Keep

Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” __ 1 Corinthians 15:33 (NIV) We need to be aware of the company we keep, of the people we associate with. We become like those we associate with whether we admit it or not. We need to spend time with positive, loving people who have good…
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Discovering Your Purpose

Many plans are in a person’s mind, but the Lord’s purpose will succeed.  __ Proverb 19:21 (CEB) God created each of us for a definite purpose. Success is fulfilling God’s purpose and perfect plan for your life. You may have been trying to make your own plans, but let God make the plans, and they…
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