No Compromise!

No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him. __ 2 Timothy 2:4 (ESV)

The word compromise means to accept standards that are lower than is desirable. It means to know what is right but decide to go a little below it. No compromise means we should not accept standards that are below what is desirable. In other words, as Christians, we should not accept standards that are lower, below, or less than God’s standards that are in His Word.

When others try to get us to do something that will lower our standards in order to be accepted, we should not do it. We should not be controlled by the fear of rejection. As Christians, our aim is to be God pleasers not men pleasers. Seek the approval of God rather than the applause of men. Don’t disobey God’s Word or what God is leading you to do, in order to please a person. Each cheap thrill has a high cost!

When we have to justify our actions with anything other than God’s Word, we are compromising our integrity to obtain something; whether it be money, love, acceptance, a position, or promotion.

I have learned that whatever you compromise to get or keep, you will lose it. No compromise is God’s way, and God’s ways are the best ways.  Choose God’s ways, His standards. God has a much better plan for your life. You don’t have to bow down to the low standards of the devil. You deserve better! You are a child of God!  Don’t settle for less than God’s best!

Prayer: Lord, I ask you to give me the strength I need to not accept standards that are lower than Your standards. Help me not to compromise. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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